Charity Concert – All Proceeds to Benefit Ukraine

Funds realized for Hromada $7,215

Thank you for coming and enjoying a wonderful collection of Ukrainian folk songs, dances and special performances

The concert consisted of 2 parts, 45 min. each, with 30 min. intermission. During the intermission there was a silent and live auction.

Our musical lineups included performances of well known Ukrainian artists from the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento!

Ola Herasymenko Oliynyk, renown performer on bandura, a traditional Ukrainian string instrument, she will perform several songs from her repertoire.

Opera singer Ivanna Taratula – mezzo soprano, former singer of Lviv Opera, will perform several pieces most famed pieces from her repertoire.

Dancing troop “Zoloti Maky” (means “Golden Poppies” in Ukrainian) will perform traditional Ukrainian dance hopak.

Acapella Duet Oksana and Sviatoslav Stus will perform several Ukrainian folk and patriotic songs.

Anytchka – renown Ukrainian lemko singer (lemko is a dialect of Ukrainian language), will sing several most popular songs.

Oleksandra Bobrychenko – Ukrainian folk dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. She will share her dancing compositions based on classical Ukrainian dances.