– This non-governmental organization extends a welcome to people from all countries, however, recently the focus was on Afghanistan, and now the focus is on Ukraine. Here one can apply to support a person from Ukraine wanting to enter the US. -This is the official set of instructions to those who sponsor people from Ukraine and Ukrainians wanting to enter the US. Before one completes a sponsorship form, one must have identified one or more Ukrainian citizens who need sponsorship. See #5 below for contact information to connect with people who need support. – This form must be completed by anyone ready to sponsor a Ukrainian for a period of up to two years. Ukrainians who enter can get a Social Security card and are free to seek employment. There are many Ukrainian organizations who are organizing both short-term and long-term housing and other kinds of support. Many Ukrainians already have the financial means to support themselves, moreover they can find employment once they get here. – Anyone who wants to sponsor should start by completing this basic form. – This organization can connect you to local resources to help support Ukrainians entering the US. There are active Ukrainian support organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sacramento happens to be the largest community of Ukrainians in the US. Any of these organizations can help you connect with Ukrainians who are in need and who you can sponsor. – California specific State refugee resources. – Ukrainian Congress of NY refugee resources.