U4UA Foundation

Dear friends, colleagues, and partners,

We, the Hromada team, are delighted to announce the commencement of our collaboration with the Ukraine-based U4UA Foundation. This partnership forms part of a new project aimed at fundraising for special needs children in Ukraine, who require additional support.

The current situation in Ukraine, unfortunately, presents a host of problems and challenges for children with special needs. A substantial portion of state resources is redirected towards military needs, leaving social programs aimed at supporting these children severely underfunded.”

Our joint project with the U4UA Foundation is aimed at providing the necessary medical assistance and rehabilitation to children with disabilities. Our joint goal for 2023 is to provide such assistance to 400 children.

Your support can make a significant difference in the lives of these children. Each donation, of any size, allows us to provide necessary medical services, purchase equipment, and implement rehabilitation programs.

We are grateful for your steadfast support and look forward to your active participation in this project.
Together, we can truly improve the lives of these children.

But there are no limits to kindness and charitable deeds. We are pleased to announce that DataArt does not stand aside from the problems of children and has joined our activities. Donations you make to support children will be matched by DataArt and its partners. We sincerely thank our partners for their support.